Kiss and Ride. 1h30min performance intervention, which began at the bus stop Museum Arnhem and drew a route to Arnhem Central Station, at the Kiss+Ride zone. Ioanna walked together with the audience to begin a performance of movement improvisation at the Kiss + Ride zone. The performance takes as a starting point the public domain, a space to experiment, get together, and activate agency. A public space belongs to the people, and in Mitza's case is the perfect backdrop to test her themes of research on hexis, personal and cultural dispositions, social norms, and embodied/inherent history. 

Through fieldwork and theoretical research, Mitza uses movement improvisation as a tool for existential exploration, empowerment, and spontaneity; as a medium to apply nonsensical and irrational behavior, challenge oppressive power structures, and as an act of subversion for marginalized identities.


Concept, Direction, Performance: Ioanna Mitza

Filming, Video editing: Kadir Kucuk

Location Research: Niels Matitawaer

Movement advisor: Jefta TanateVoice

Audio: Ioanna Mitza

Text: Ioanna Mitza, Christos Tsivelis

With the financial support of Stroomversneller - Schackel025.